your application process for

  • scholarships

  • mentors

  • fellowships

  • grants

  • internships

Orchestrate is an online application platform used by Fortune 500 companies, colleges & universities, non-profits, and associations for managing and processing internships, scholarships, fellowships, grants, mentorship matching, and unique applications.

Feature Highlights

  • Customized application workflow
  • Build unique applications
  • Batch application processing
  • Applicant change history
  • Executive dashboard
  • Online review process
  • Receive references online
  • Automated e-mail management
  • Audience specific portals
  • Web site integration
  • Message center
  • Profile management
  • Dynamic application requirements
  • User security management
  • Advanced search and exports
  • Scalable architecture
  • Branded platform
  • Hosted environment
  • Service level agreements
  • Design and planning consulting

About Orchestrate

Application Process Partner

Orchestrate is customized around your culture, needs, and mission. We create a scalable platform which reduces your application costs while increasing the quality and quantity of candidates.

12 Years of Expert Experience

With our rich history in designing customized solutions we bring a wealth of expertise to make your application process more efficient and effective.

Used by Fortune 500 and Small Non-Profits Alike

Clients such as Google, Stanford University, and other corporations, associations, and non-profits use Orchestrate to manage scholarships, internships, and other applications.

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